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Terms & Conditions

You confirm that you are physically able and fit to, and voluntarily agree to, participate in exercise programs developed by Sarah Lussier, Personal Trainer. Physically able and fit means you don't have any of the following health issues, or have medical clearance from a licensed medical doctor to exercise, if you do have any of the following health issues:

  • heart condition or high blood pressure;

  • have pain in your chest either at rest, during daily activities, or during physical exercise;

  • lose balance because of dizziness or have lost consciousness in the last 12 months;

  • have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition (other than heart disease or high blood pressure);

  • are currently taking a prescribed medication for a chronic medical condition;

  • have a bone, joint, or soft tissue injury (in the last 12 months) that could get worse with physical activity.


You accept all risks of accidental injury or harm to your health which may occur as a result of participating in exercise and health consulting programs and release Sarah Lussier and her representatives, agents, successors, etc. from liability for any such injury or harm. You assume full responsibility for the use of any exercise equipment and for your experimentation of any health solutions outlined in Sarah's consulting programs and products.


You commit to disclosing any physical limitations, impairments, disabilities, pain or discomfort that may hinder your ability to participate in this exercise program, before, during, and after. You commit to seeking the care of appropriate health practitioners and to communicate any prescribed movement recommendations to your trainer.

You commit to disclosing all relevant health history (lifestyle, medications, supplements, tests, specialists, procedures, devices, etc.) that may impact the trajectory and outcome of any personalized health consulting products. You commit to seeking the care of appropriate health practitioners and to communicate any prescribed treatments and solutions to your consultant.


You commit to be respectful of your trainer and any others present in the gym or virtually during your training and other consulting group sessions, and to follow the gym and meeting protocols.

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