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Privacy Policy

The information collected in booking forms helps me understand how to serve you best and how to properly prepare for our appointments and training sessions. I do not use your personal information for any purpose other than in my services to you. I do not sell your information to third parties nor do I divulge publicly unless I expressly ask for your permission for a specific purpose such as writing an article or telling a story, and that, only anonymously.


You agree to provide as complete and accurate information to me to enable me to provide adequate service to you. You agree to not share any video content that I release to at-home strength training participants. You agree to be respectful to me as your service provider, to be on time for appointments and to be in a place where you feel comfortable sharing personal medical information. If you participate in group trainings, you agree to be respectful to your co-participants and be on time for sessions, and book and pay in advance.

Information shared in groups are at your own risk, despite group rules requiring confidentiality. 

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