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Evidential Lifestyle and Self-Care Strategies for the 
Menopause Transition

Community support, expert education, local health navigation, health literacy workshops, and exercise & lifestyle routines

Sarah Lussier

Menopause Health Mediator and Strategist

I'm a health economist and I lost my job during COVID. I changed careers and became a personal trainer along with health consulting.


I recently turned 40 and started experiencing all sorts of new and confusing symptoms. After doing some research I figured that I'm probably transitioning to menopause.


I had conversations every day at the gym with women who wanted to talk about their menopause experiences - lack of sleep, hot flushes and night sweats, anxiety and low-mood, dry skin, food sensitivities, pelvic floor issues, etc. - but with little support from their primary care provider. And I realized, maybe I can teach what I learn to other women in an similar situation so they can regain some control over their health.


I used my training as a health economist and researcher to, well, research and translate scientific evidence around effective medical and lifestyle strategies for menopause and women's midlife health. 

I developed services, programs, and workshops to complement my exercise offerings teach myself and other women these lifestyle skills that are proven to optimize health and reduce symptoms for this phase of life; literacy skills to discern evidential strategies suited to your unique body; and navigation skills to advocate for your healthcare needs. 


“Sarah’s research uncovered the likely source of my osteoarthritis as menopausal hormones exacerbating an old physical injury.  She was able to point me to new alternatives to try on my own or to enlist the help of my healthcare team to explore options my doctors had never even suggested. I would recommend her to anyone looking for new ideas to solve their health issues.”

Debra, Marketing Consultant

Thank you so much Sarah for all this work! It really does make sense that in fact my thyroid may be the culprit to my digestive issues. How would I be relieved to finally pinpoint at the actual issue and start dealing with something concrete. I'm just happy someone listened and is connecting the dots for me."

Anna, Public servant

"I found out there is a healthy workplace group that plays volleyball over lunch break twice a week. I signed up. Thanks to our conversation I was ready to jump in once an accessible option showed up. Thanks for all you do to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle!"

Patsy, DEI specialist

"[the strength training classes] were great! I think group activities are what works for me. It's nice to see progress. I like that you switch up the routine every month. Checking in with my body between each set was cool. I liked the age group of participants in relation to what I am going through at the moment. For the Hub, I am looking forward to the sleep session. The winter sessions all look really relevant to me." 

Valerie, Operations Director

"I have loved the strength classes. I LOVE the body scans. You are an amazing instructor, 5 stars all across. I really loved the hub. I appreciated our online discussions among members. Every guest speaker that we had was just great, super informative and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything and for going the extra mile to understand women's health in particular. We need more Sarahs in our lives."

Elizabeth, HR specialist

"My physio told me I've probably felt less pain in my shoulders and wrists because of strength training... The other day I was kneeling and felt my thighs and was like, whoa, what is this?! I have muscle, it feels solid!"

Dom, NCC worker

What my Clients Say

Speaking and Writing

Sarah speaking
Sarah interview

I write magazine articles, conduct workshops and trainings, and do media and podcast interviews on various topics:

  • benefits and how to's of strength training and other evidence-based lifestyle routines and hacks to reduce symptoms and improve health during peri/postmenopause

  • menopause health navigation to teach women how to find and make the best of available medical, allied health, and professional wellness support

  • menopause health literacy to teach women can discern evidential information and what solutions may be correct for them to try

  • workplace menopause health to promote better understanding of and support for women's midlife health and workplace impacts for leaders, men and women staff.

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