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Targeted exploration

Get my curated list of resources to research your symptoms and identify new possible solutions

  • 500 Canadian dollars
  • virtual or in person at mutually-agreed location in Ottawa

If you've been diagnosed with a condition or are experiencing several symptoms you may want to do your own research to find out what is going on and bring up some targeted questions and requests to your healthcare provider, but you likely don't know where to start. I do a quick review of the literature to identify relevant resources to help you conduct your own research and come to your own conclusions. I compile a short list of key sources (websites, articles, podcasts, presentations, blogs, books, etc.) to point you in the right direction, and then highlight some key questions you may want to be looking for as you go through the material. I finish with a list of follow-up questions you may want to ask your healthcare team. For example, if you suffer from migraines, and also have digestive issues or a chronic infection, I would point you to the Migraine Canada website, some journal articles and blogs that summarize the research looking at the association between migraines and digestive issues or your particular infection, and list out questions to ask your doctor about the treatments you are taking which may or may not be contributing to your conjoint symptoms. We meet once to discuss your issues, I spend a few hours on my own compiling some information, and then we meet again to go over the information.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so within 24 hours. A cancellation or rescheduling fee of $25 will be charged.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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