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Deep Dive

Discover associations between your symptoms, identify possible root causes and solutions to explore

  • ad-hoc
  • virtual or in person at mutually-agreed location

If you've been diagnosed with a condition or are experiencing several symptoms, you may want to understand what is going on but have no idea how to start or have no time to look into it. You don't think that your doctor has all the answers. You are curious to understand all of your options, in and outside the doctor's office and the conventional medical system. I scan the literature in a detailed manner to find associations between your symptoms, identify possible root causes, and then look at the evidence (i.e. clinical studies, observational studies, case studies, pre-clinical research, etc.) highlighting what treatment modalities are safe and effective, and how to access them and pay for them in the Canadian public or private health system, or out of pocket. I help you create a holistic health exploration and advocacy pathway including self-care, lifestyle support, treatments, tests and referrals, and regenerative medicine to attempt to stop or even reverse your condition(s). I highlight which qualified practitioners to consult for what modalities safely. This is for you if you're highly concerned about your health, you have several debilitating symptoms that keep getting worse, and you have sought treatment and answers from several practitioners but are left with either overwhelm, dissatisfaction, or hopelessness. The information will provide several new options for you to explore on your own and with your healthcare team. We meet once or twice to start, then I do research over several weeks, and we meet again to go over the findings and create a path forward. We meet again a few months later to gauge your outcomes, and discuss other options if needed among the options provided.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so within 24 hours. A cancellation or rescheduling fee of $25 will be charged.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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