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Menopause Support Hub 3.0 - Menopause Hormone Therapies - Virtual


If you're over 40, chances are your body is starting to change, and you may not like it or know what to do. You may be experiencing stress, fatigue, weight gain, bloating, sleep issues, discomfort "down there", skin issues, aches and pains, hot flushes and cold sweats, starting to ask big life questions like what do you really value in life? Your friends and social media "experts" have all sorts of opinions about the latest diet, exercise, or lifestyle hack, but you don't know what information to trust or which strategy is right for you. You may struggle with consistent self-care. Your doctor may not believe you, or not want to prescribe hormones, or maybe you're afraid of hormone therapy. The Menopause Support Hub (Ottawa) is a place where you can feel safe asking questions, learn from experts and other women's menopause experiences, access curated lists of local qualified menopause professionals and lifestyle and wellness professionals and other resources, discounts to wellness businesses to complement your self-care, and receive support in the form of strength training (if desired). This 3rd round of the Menopause Support Hub will address myths and facts about menopause hormone therapies for menopause symptoms. If you are unsure of your eligibility, are concerned about side effects like heart health and cancer, are confused about terms like synthetic and bio-identical, compounded vs not, route of administration (vaginal, gel or patch, or oral), you are in the right place! The program includes: - 12 weekly intuitive strength training classes (if sign up for combo) - 3 expert education sessions (NAMS certified Pharmacist, NAMS certified Naturopathic Doctor, Integrative Health Clinician) - curated lists of local menopause specialists - discounts to local wellness businesses (Uppliva Sauna and Spa, PranaShanti Yoga Centre, Venus Envy, Wicked Wanda's) - private online forum



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Menopause Support Hub3+Strength Training

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Menopause Support Hub

Menopause Support Hub

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